Tattoo Removal Creams, Do They Work?

Recently, new products have become available as Tattoo Removal creams. These products claim to be able to remove tattoos without the use of lasers or traditional removal methods. So, the question on everyone???s mind is, do they work?

What’s In Tattoo Removal Creams?

Tattoo removal creams typically contain Trichloroacetic acid, or TCA. This active ingredient encourages skin cells to turnover, resulting in peeling. New skin eventually heals over, which has the potential to lighten a tattoo over time. However, this chemical causes skin irritation, inflammation, pain, blistering, or discoloration.

Another ingredient found in a number of tattoo removal creams is Hydroquinone. This chemical gradually fades the pigmentation in the skin by reducing melanin. Often used to reduce the look of liver or age spots, hydroquinone lends itself as being a tattoo removing agent. It also causes the same discomfort as TCA.

There are many chemicals and agents used in tattoo removal creams, including chromabright, salicylic acid, and stearic acid. None of these products are guaranteed to get rid of a tattoo permanently, and mostly cause skin irritation with other side effects.

Do Removal Creams Work?

Tattoo removal creams are not FDA approved for getting rid of a tattoo. Why? Because they simply do not work.

The reason for this is simple. Tattoo removal creams are not effective at removing the ink stored in the dermis, or secondary layer of the skin. If the cream cannot target this area of the skin, then it cannot work. At best, tattoo removal creams affect the epidermis, or top layer of the skin, causing minimal fading of the tattoo.

These creams are quite detrimental to the tattoo removal process. If the skin is irritated and peeling, then getting a real tattoo removal procedure done will be much more uncomfortable and time consuming.

Lasers VS Creams

Tattoo removal lasers are the proven most effective way to get rid of a tattoo. Unlike creams, lasers can be different to target a wide range of colors, to be the most effective with any tattoo. Lasers also use different wave lengths to reach the dermis level of the skin, to get rid of tattoo ink for good.

Lasers do take multiple sessions to get rid of a tattoo, and the treatment can be uncomfortable, however the results are 100x better. Dr. Troy Major, of ENT Consultants, says ???lasers work much, much better than a product like this, among other options???.

The Verdict

While a new and exciting possibility for those looking for tattoo removal, it will still be a long time before creams are more effective than laser treatment. Between the expert laser technicians and the technology we have at New Canvas, we ensure all our clients have a safe and enjoyable tattoo removal process, with amazing results. For more information, visit our clinic info today.

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