5 Factors that Determine the Success of Your Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal works far better than creams and other methods for getting rid of tattoos, but you still have the question of, “Can tattoos be removed completely?” Here are five factors that determine the success of a removal.

#1: Skin Tone

While you can treat many skin tones with tattoo removal, the lighter skin tones will have a higher success rate with fading the tattoo. This happens because you have a much bigger contrast between the ink and the natural pigment of the skin. Some people with a lighter skin tone see it fade after the first session.

#2: Ink Quality

When it comes to tattoo removal in Calgary, you have many types of inks, and it reacts to the laser differently. The higher quality ink will often take longer to face than the lower quality. Nevertheless, the higher quality doesn’t have as many harmful toxins.

#3: Ink Colour

Believe it or not, the darker ink colours respond faster to removal than the lighter colours like white, yellow and light blue. The effectiveness of treatment depends on the type of laser used.

#4: Immune System

Every individual will have a different immune system, and each person will break down the ink at a different rate.

#5: How Old is the Tattoo?

If you ask the question of, “How to remove fresh tattoo ink from skin,” you will most likely have a harder time with fresher ink. With newer ink, it will take more sessions to fade.

These are the five biggest factors when it comes to removing a tattoo. In most cases, you will have to visit a tattoo removal parlour multiple times if you want to remove a tattoo fully. Usually, the sessions space themselves out between six to eight weeks to help the skin heal.

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