3 Ways Laser Tattoo Removal Affects Your Skin

You may have heard of laser removal for unwanted tattoos and wondered if it will work for you. The answer depends on a number of factors but is probably yes because lasers are the most effective way to remove tattoos. There are side effects involved in the treatment, but these generally clear up quickly. Your technician will go over all the possible side effects during your initial consultation, but here are three common ways that laser tattoo removal can affect your skin.

1. Blistering and Scabbing from Tattoo Removal

The laser heats up the ink in your skin during the tattoo removal process which often results in blisters or scabs. This is a sign that the removal process is working and is nothing to worry about. Practice good after care by not picking at blisters or scabs and they should clear up within a couple weeks.

2. Swelling and Discomfort during Tattoo Removal Calgary

You are likely to experience discomfort and mild swelling during Calgary tattoo removal . Depending on where your tattoo is located, the removal process may be more or less painful, but it???s often compared to getting snapped by an elastic band. Any discomfort and swelling you experience during treatment usually goes away quickly.

3. Change in Skin Pigmentation after Laser Tattoo Removal

Another possible side effect of Calgary tattoo removal is a change in skin pigmentation. The pulses of light used to remove the ink can also affect the pigment in your skin. Some people experience hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin while others may experience hypopigmentation or lightening of the skin. Both conditions usually resolve themselves.

Laser tattoo removal is the most effective way to remove tattoos. Although the tattoo removal process can affect your skin and produce side effects, these are generally short-term issues and clear up on their own as part of the healing process.

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