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Experienced Staff

The New Canvas experience at our clinic is one of the most trusted and educated of medical grade laser industry experiences in Calgary.
With over 20 years serving Calgarians, the Laser Hair & Skin Centre prides itself on treating our clients with nothing but the safest and highest of quality standards in the city.

Certified Professionals

Our team at the clinic are all certified and specially trained for every laser treatment offered. You will find our laser technicians overflowing with information, eager to aid in giving you the best results available, and caring when it comes to assurance of any concern you may want to treat.

Premium Location

The location of our clinic is, purposely, in the heart of Calgary. Glenmore Landing is overlooking the City’s beautiful Glenmore Reservoir, and we find brings a clear calming effect to our clinic’s aura. Easily accessible and a simple navigation from anywhere in the city, we found that our clinic’s location is one of the many positives we have to offer to our clients.

Comfortable Experience

Something we succeed in maintaining within the walls of the Laser Hair & Skin Centre is the calm, loyal and trustworthy atmosphere. We want you to feel 100% comfortable when entering, consulting, experiencing, and returning to our clinic – and we go to great lengths to extend that to each and every client that we see.

Comfort & Reliable

When it comes to creating a New Canvas, trust in the professionals to give you not only leading medical grade results, but also a personable and friendly experience to enjoy. You will always feel welcomed, safe and confident at the Laser Hair & Skin Centre.


The New Canvas Difference

To us, there is nothing more rewarding than giving our clients some of the best results in the industry, with their full assurance of safety, and our team continuously thriving on research and education.

In Canada, and a lot of North America, there are little to zero laws or regulations about who performs your treatments, and with what machine. Our clinic’s goal is to raise our Industry standards by continuously learning, exclusively staffing certified laser technicians from recognized institutions, and only carrying leading Medical Grade, Doctor and Dermatologist recognized and recommended Gold Standard equipment.

There is nothing that the Laser Hair and Skin Centre wont put in place to ensure the highest of safety precautions, and the most prominent of service. Something as important in our clinic as the safety of our services is the maintenance of our lasers. A laser that has been neglected is unlikely to give optimal treatments, and less likely to be as safe.

Within our establishment we are always educating ourselves individually, and as a team. We hear our clients when they have concerns, we listen and we take it to heart. We are continuously researching and implementing the safest and most innovative strategies to provide the best of treatments, and to offer the highest levels of success when it comes to tattoo removal.

We understand that the yesteryear of permanence still rings in our client’s ears when they think of the ink in their skin, that’s why we are here to assure you of the safety of the fading and removal of it. This is not something that we believe (though it happens everyday) a technician can just ‘perform’. This is your skin, and we go to the farthest lengths and the best of training to be able to fade and remove your tattoo’s with the most optimal settings and technique to assure you that your satisfaction will be met to the best of our industry’s possibility.

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