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Many lasers are out there, one we have been asked about lately has been the Picosure. It is hard for the consumer to get all of the facts through all of the marketing blurbs, and make an educated decision at the end of the day to get the results they are looking for.

So, what are the differences?

As a division of the Laser Hair & Skin Centre, New Canvas follows the same philosophy of our clinic. We never rush into anything, ensure to always get all of the facts, and perform our due diligence in research - nothing is more important than the machines we invest in.

At the time we acquired our Revlite SI, we, as any other business should, made it a point to explore the best options available on the market.

When it came time to explore the Picosure, we were surprised, at very least. The fact that regardless of a 'claim to fame' for being a fraction of a second difference in speed when compared to the already titled industry leader the Revlite SI – but the Picosure had difficulty treating some colors, and could not treat red ink whatsoever.

We felt uncomfortable to turn people away due to the inability to treat their color, when really, there was a laser we could acquire that didn't have any problem to remove all ink colors.

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To us, the comparison was difficult to understand. How could it compare to a Revlite SI? The original Revlite had a long-standing reputation for its results, reliability and safety. When our model - the Revlite SI came out, it blew everything out of the water by being the first laser to be able to treat all colors. With Revlite being the most well known, reliable equipment in the industry for tattoo removal to date, how could something that can't treat all colors be marketed to be comparable to something that could?

The New Wave

The wave of information from the Picosure has some clinics claiming tattoo removal in 7-10 treatments, others 8-12 treatments, and the numbers change with the clinics themselves. It became unclear on how many treatments were actually needed to treat any given patient. At the end of the day, the cost of the treatments are highly more effective with the Revlite SI, even if 1-2 minor touch up treatments were needed afterwards.

And importantly, if you have a more colorful and difficult to treat tattoo, the Revlite SI is still the laser for the client.

We loved the reliability, and the reputation behind the name of the Revlite. Already with millions of dollars behind it in research, and patents - the safety of the choice had us feeling comfortable. With the Picosure being so new, the clinical trails and studies are still taking place on the laser itself.

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With the Picosure laser being a 755nm Alexandrite laser, whereas Tattoo's are proven to respond best and be most effectively treated with 1064 Q-Switched lasers, it became clear to us as professionals that in order to provide the treatments we have stood by for over a decade and a half, moving forward with the Revlite SI was a transparent judgement.

Though it is always nice to tell clients you have the 'rave' and 'newest' thing, to us it is more important to provide unsurpassed treatments.

In more recent news, with the company already in the works to change the Picosure’s wavelength back to a 1064, we knew at the end of the day our clinic had made the right choice. It gives us great satisfaction knowing our clients will receive the benefits of the research we conducted, with full-color spectrum tattoo removal by the advanced, well-deserved reputation that the Revlite has carried with it.

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