Our clinic is here to help give that to you. Our Leading, Medical Grade, Gold Standard Equipment is recognized and recommended by doctors and dermatologist's to achieve safe and effective laser tattoo removal treatments.

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Our Customer Feedback

The staff at the Laser Hair and Skin Centre are so knowledgeable and professional. The treatments went fantastic and my results were better than expected. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to remove their tattoo.

Cory Phiper - Client

Top Tattoo Removal in Calgary
New Canvas is ranked as a top Tattoo Removal in Calgary AB
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Top Tattoo Removal in Calgary
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Calgary Tattoo Removal Clinic

As a leading provider of laser tattoo removal, our goal is to help every client achieve satisfying results in as little time as possible. We believe that tattoos are a form of artistic self-expression, and you always deserve a second chance when a piece of that artwork no longer brings satisfaction. Our clinic uses industry-leading, Gold-Standard equipment that ensures the process is always safe and involves as little discomfort as possible. You can expect fast and effective treatment delivered with a smile. We have served this city for more than 18 years and are often referred to as the most trustworthy provider for tattoo removal in Calgary.

Experience our laser tattoo removal clinic, one of the most trusted and educated clinics in the medical grade laser industry in Calgary.

With over 20 years serving Calgarians, the Laser Hair & Skin Centre prides itself on treating our clients with nothing but the safest and highest of quality standards in the city.

Our Clinic

Our laser tattoo removal clinic is purposely placed in the heart of Calgary to allow for anyone to find us.

Our Difference

We provide every client with the best laser tattoo removal results in the industry, with full assurance of safety with leading technology.

How It Works

New Canvas uses what is referred to as the Gold Standard of the laser tattoo removal industry.

Our Process

Learn about our tattoo removal consultation process, what to expect during the process, and post treatment.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments

If you expect nothing less than safe, fast and effective treatment, you belong in our prestigious clinic for tattoo removal in Calgary. Our medical-grade laser equipment provides the best results while ensuring that every treatment is safe.

Your treatment will always start with a consultation that allows us to assess your medical history and inspect the tattoo that you would like removed. Once we're ready to proceed with the tattoo removal, we prepare your skin and ensure that you're comfortable. Treatments are performed in accordance with strict clinical guidelines to ensure that every laser tattoo removal meets our extremely high standards. We send you home with detailed post-care instructions to help your skin heal properly.

You're never stuck with a tattoo for life. Allow us to eliminate those that no longer speak to your authentic self.


Tattoo Removal that works!

New Canvas Laser Tattoo Removal employees industry leading technology to safely and permanently remove any type of tattooed ink from your skins pigments. Quit living your life embarrassed of past tattoo mistakes, make your skin into a new canvas today.

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One of our expert laser technicians will consult with you about the process before you book your appointment
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We provide our clients with a free consultation before they book their treatments, so they know exactly what to expect.

Our clinic is located at 1600-90th Ave SW in the Glenmore Landing Medical Building.

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Properly Evaluate Client Needs

With each new client we require a pre-treatment consultation that allows us to asses your skin, your tattoo and any medical history. We can then provide you with the right information for your unique treatment plan.

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Leading Edge Laser Technology

Our lasers make the difference when it comes to fully removing your old tattoos. That is why New Canvas has the best laser technology in the industry, so we can provide our clients with the best treatment available.

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