How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Our leading medical grade equipment is referred to by medical professionals and skin specialists as the Gold Standard of the laser tattoo removal industry – and to understand the science behind how removing your tattoo works, you need to understand a bit about our equipment first.

Our Laser


  • Leading Medical Grade Laser, Referred to in the industry as the Gold Standard of Laser Tattoo Removal
  • One of the most advanced, and safest lasers on the market today
  • 60% More Power Than Its Predecessors
  • Able to treat the full spectrum of colors of pigment with two additional wavelengths - where some colors of pigment were previously near impossible to fade or remove

Cynosure is a medical grade leading laser manufacturer in our industry, who brought us some of the most innovative technologies known to the field today. Behind their numerous clinical studies, extensive and prolonged research, lead engineering and revolutionary technology, is where our laser equipment holds substantial merit and differentiates itself from its predecessors.

Proprietary PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse® (PTP) of our Cynosure Revlite SI is one of the core advanced elements of our laser. By delivering short, nanosecond pulse duration to the layers of skin with ink pigmentation with peak energy, the laser energy vibrates the ink into breaking down into particles. These particles are then metabolized by the body’s natural process. The natural process of absorbing the ink then fades and removes the tattoo.

The laser used for the treatments is groundbreaking with 60% more power than the previous ‘go-to’ medical grade lasers used to treat tattoos and aiding in the tattoo fading/removal process.

With two additional wavelengths (measurement of how deep the laser energy goes in the skin) it is able to target and remove colors that were previously regarded as untreatable, or only able to fade. With the full color spectrum of pigment that our laser is able to remove, the industry has now been changed with the modernization and innovation of our laser.

Tattoo Factors

Factors about each individual tattoo reflects on how your ink will respond to the treatment, thus giving us a better idea of how many treatments your skin will need to be able to break up the ink into particles. Some factors to be aware of are the:

Age of Tattoo

the newer your tattoo is, the more stubborn the ink will be, as it is fresher and stronger than a tattoo that has had more time to settle, weaken, be exposed to the sun, and expand.

Placement of Tattoo

The closer to your heart, the stronger your body will be to be able to metabolize and absorb the ink faster.

Color of Tattoo

Blacks, reds and dark blues are the easiest ink pigments to treat. Colors such as greens or light sky blues are more tricky and require more strategic treatment plans, but are treatable with our laser.

Ink Used

Different chemicals and compounds used in the make up of the ink can have an affect on the treatment plan.

Professional vs. Amateur

Professionally placed tattoos are going to have deeper depths in the skin when compared to the more superficial layers of skin that amateur tattoos are placed.

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