Pricing Guide

The cost of your laser tattoo removal treatments will vary from approximately $80.00 – $100.00 per square inch.

How many treatments needed is depending on skin and tattoo factors, which will be determined during a free consultation with your laser technician.

After your tattoo is assessed and you are given your cost per treatment, our packages can then be discussed. Your technician however, will select the package that will be suitable for you. The selection process revolves around the evaluation of your consultation, and following the Kirby-Desai scale, which is the revolutionary industry leading process of tattoo assessment for treatment. Our clinic uses the Kirby-Desai scale to give you the most accurate treatments the industry has to offer.

Our packages give you the option of saving money, and booking accordingly in respect to timing, to ensure that the results you are looking for are the heights that we are targeting and setting up for.

The success of the outcome is directly related to following the course of treatments, time intervals, and of course following the pre and post treatment instruction.

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Custom Packages

Our professional staff will assess your tattoo and offer a custom treatment package that will cover your specific needs.

5 Treatments

Save 10% Off

  • 1 Consultation
  • 5 Laser Treatment Sessions
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10 Treatments

Save 20% Off

  • 1 Consultation
  • 10 Laser Treatment Sessions
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10+ Treatments

Save 25% Off

  • 1 Consultation
  • 10+ Laser Treatment Sessions
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If you purchase a series of treatments, and you are given the results you were looking for before the series is completed, you will be reimbursed the remainder price of the treatments.

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