What You Should Know about Tattoo Removal after You’ve Had Your Tattoo for Years

What should you understand about tattoo removal after you have had a tattoo for an extended period of time? First, an older tattoo will often have faded because of the body’s process of breaking it down through the white blood cells. An older tattoo usually makes it a little easier to visit a tattoo removal clinic because it will likely fade with fewer sessions.

What to Understand About Removing Tattoos

Laser tattoo removal uses one of the most effective techniques when it comes to breaking down the tattoo. First, you should understand the laser itself doesn’t do anything except make the ink cells easier for the body to process. Laser tattoo removal takes advantage of the body’s natural processes in removing the tattoo. It???s important to keep in mind, however, that the effects won’t be immediate.

Smaller Tattoos versus Larger Tattoos

In general, you can expect that you will need more laser tattoo removal sessions if you have a more prominent tattoo. Smaller tattoos have the advantage that you need fewer treatments to remove them.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Dangerous?

Luckily, tattoo removal has few side effects, but the most significant risk that you could encounter comes from infection. Keeping the scabs and the blisters intact will boost the healing process and lower the risk of infection from your tattoo removal session in Calgary. Protect this area from the sun until the region has fully healed.

In general, you will have to space out your sessions at every six weeks. As such, approximately eight sessions at the Calgary laser tattoo removal clinic will take up to a full year before the tattoo is eliminated entirely; this is the safest process for removing the tattoo.

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