What Tattoo to Get After You’ve Had Laser Tattoo Removal

“It seemed like a good idea at the time.” Have you said something like this about a tattoo? If so, you’re not alone. While silly slogans, names, and unrealistic portraits are usually at the top of the removal list, there are many reasons people may decide they no longer want a tattoo. Thankfully, laser tattoo removal makes it possible to get rid of tattoos and create a blank canvas for new artwork. Considering a new tattoo after tattoo removal in Calgary? Keep reading to learn more.

Give Yourself Time to Heal after Calgary Laser Tattoo Removal

It takes time for your skin to heal after laser tattoo removal in Calgary. Make sure it’s fully recovered before applying new ink for the best results. Usually this means at least six to eight weeks, although three months is better. Talk with the technician about healing at your last tattoo removal visit. Any sign of bleeding, scarring, or blistering means your skin isn’t ready yet.

Choose Your Dream Design after Calgary Tattoo Removal

Although laser tattoo removal in Calgary is effective, it’s better to choose a tattoo you won’t need to get removed. Take time to think through the design carefully, and choose an artist whose work you love. Will you still love it in 10 years? Twenty? Thirty?

Find a Skilled Tattoo Artist

Most people have little or no scarring after getting their tattoo removed. If, however, you do have scarring from the procedure or the original tattoo process, it makes tattooing in that spot more difficult so be sure to find a skilled artist.

Getting a tattoo removal can give you a blank canvas; make the most of it by choosing a new tattoo wisely.

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