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Tips For Caring For Your Old Tattoos

A tattoo is like any piece of art. It needs to be protected. Because a tattoo is on your skin, the maintenance techniques might be a little different. However, with the proper care, your old tattoos can look good for years.

4 Ways To Protect Your Old Tattoo 

Protect Your Old Tattoos by Using Sunscreen

One reason people turn to tattoo removal is that their skin has been damaged over the years. Skin damage is not just dangerous to your health, but it also compromises the look of your tattoo. This is why you should always wear sunscreen. You should also cover up while in the sun with long sleeves, hats, sunglasses and more.

Avoid Tattoo Removal by Moisturizing Your Skin

In order to look supple, your skin needs moisture. Moisturizing regularly is already a great thing to do, but it is especially important if you want to keep your tattoo in prime condition and avoid tattoo removal. Moisturizing is especially important during the dry winter months or when you get a lot of direct sunlight.

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Take Care of Your Tattoos by Staying Hydrated

Moisture is important from the inside as well. While moisturizing lotion helps on the top layers of skin, you can actually enrich the process by keeping your body properly hydrated at all times. Water has a restorative effect on the human body. It will make you look better and feel better at the same time.

Keep Your Tattoos Pristine by Maintaining Your Weight

One of the biggest problems with tattoos over time is stretching. When your skin stretches, the canvas for your tattoo stretches as well. This can lead to distortion of the image. While you cannot avoid all signs of ageing, you can minimize the effect by keeping your weight in check.

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