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Three Things To Know About Getting A Tattoo

You can get a tattoo to commemorate special events or occasions. You may just like the artistic look. Before you get a tattoo, however, you should know how the experience feels. This can help you prepare, and you may be able to avoid tattoo removal in Calgary.


The Sensation Can Feel Like Pricks or Vibrations

Because tattoos involve needles in your skin, you can fully expect to feel the pricks. If the needle is moving closer to bone, then you may feel more of a deep vibration. Some people report the feeling of scratching as well. The pain is typically most pronounced at the start of the procedure, but most people adjust to tolerate it well. You may also feel more pain at the end of the procedure when your adrenaline has worn off.


The Area of Your Body Affects Your Pain

One big factor that relates to pain is location. You can get tattoos all over your body, and this can affect your experience substantially. As a general rule, the tattoo will hurt less if it is completed on a fleshy part of the body. If the tattoo is on a bony area, you can expect more sensitivity. Therefore, back and calf tattoos tend to hurt less than ankle or hip tattoos. The size of the tattoo and range of color being used may also impact your ultimate experience.

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Expect Pain for Several Days After the Procedure

After you finish your tattoo, you may be relieved. However, you should also be aware that the pain will continue for several days. Your tattoo will likely be red, swollen and sore. This is a completely normal and expected reaction. The tattoo must heal before you can consider tattoo removal in Calgary.


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