The Increasing Popularity of Tattoos

The world has seen an explosion in the popularity of tattoos in recent years.?? It is estimated that 40% of Americans have at least one tattoo and that more than $1.5 billion is spent annually on tattoos in??the United States.?? Here in Canada the number of people getting tattoos has also experienced growth, particularly with the millennial crowd.

In 2010:

  • 38% of millennials reported having at least one tattoo
  • 32% of generation X reported having at least one tattoo
  • 15% of baby boomers had at least one tattoo

Millennials form the vanguard of the cultural shift happening in the tattoo industry.?? It is slowly becoming markedly more acceptable to have tattoos in the workplace.?? There are certainly industries and offices that may still frown upon tattoos, but that is changing.?? It is millennials who are now working their way into leadership positions, and when that happens, it is logical that any negative bias against tattoos in the workplace will decrease significantly.

Once considered to be a rebellious statement by some, tattoos have reached mainstream status in North America and many other parts of the world.?? There are many different styles of tattoos, and while some styles continue to stay relevant, other styles fade and become unfashionable, often times prompting the thought of a cover up tattoo or removing the tattoo entirely.?? The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has stated that tattoo removals in the United States has skyrocketed in recent years.?? According to the study, it is the millennials leading the charge in tattoo removal as well.?? The permanence of an ill-thought tattoo often leads to regret, and a desire to find a way to remove the undesirable marking.

Under the care of professional technicians, tattoo removal is a safe procedure that can yield desirable results.?? If you???re thinking about having a tattoo removed, give the trusted professionals at New Canvas a call and book a consult today.

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