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How Tattoos Affect Job Prospects

Tattoos are becoming more socially accepted as a form of creative expression, and with so many tattoo designs available, it can be easy to see why so many people are doing it. Having a tattoo can mean a lot of things – but what do they mean to employers?

The subject often comes up in career and workplace news. A recent report ran showed a standoff between the Ottawa Convention Centre and three of their employees who had been locked out because of their refusal to cover up tattoos. On the other hand, some employers, such as Starbucks, are embracing their tattoo-clad workers. So, how much of an issue is it really?

Based on a study done by Workopolis, 300 employers were asked about their stance on hiring people with tattoos. Fourteen percent said they would be less likely to hire someone with tattoos, 23 percent said it wouldn’t matter, and the rest said it would depend on how many tattoos. That means a total of 77% of employers will or might be less likely to hire you if you have tattoos. However, this decision is based on if the tattoos are offensive, racist or if the role is customer service.

Workopolis also asked the population about their opinion on tattoos, and if they take people less seriously when they are inked. While a quarter said it would impact how they interact with them, almost half said it wouldn’t. This makes sense, as most people are accustomed to tattoos now.

What this does mean, however, is despite how good you are at your work, how dedicated you might be, employers will most likely judge your based on your tattoos before anything else. If you are looking to get a career in sales, customer service, medical, or any position were you might be face to face with clients, your chances are instantly lowered.

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