Possible Side Effects of Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is a common procedure, and laser removal is generally the best option. It works by breaking down ink pigments so that the body can remove them. Because the laser targets ink pigments, the surrounding skin is left unscathed. As with any medical procedure, though, there are a few potential side effects of laser tattoo removal.

The Side Effects Of Tattoo Removal In Calgary 

Blisters and Crusting 

Blisters and crusting are relatively common after tattoo removal treatments. Scarring can result from attempting to remove them too soon, but if left alone, these usually heal within two weeks without any permanent damage.

Bleeding and Swelling 

In rare cases, laser tattoo removal can cause bleeding during the treatment session. This is due to the laser hitting a blood vessel in the skin. The bleeding usually stops quickly. Swelling may also occur, even with the application of ice. It usually goes away within a few days.

Scarring from Tattoo Removal

A potential side effect of any type of Calgary tattoo removal is scarring. This could be from the procedure itself or from improper aftercare. Sometimes removing a tattoo uncovers scarring that occurred when the tattoo was placed. Choosing a reputable removal clinic and following care instructions carefully minimizes your risk of scarring.

Pigmentation Irregularities

Too much or too little pigmentation in the skin is another possible side effect of laser tattoo removal. People with lighter skin tones are more often affected. Pigmentation irregularities generally resolve themselves within six to 12 months, but certain treatments may help the problem improve more quickly.


Infection is a possible side effect any time the skin is compromised, including during Calgary tattoo removal. 

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