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Picosure VS Revlite Laser Tattoo Removal

When it comes to laser tattoo removal, there???s two major brands of laser that most clinics use: Picosure and Revlite. As laser technicians, it???s our job to do the research and decide what technology will work best for our clients. When looking at the pros and cons, we want to ensure the results are flawless and with as little side effects as possible. Keeping this in mind, let???s explore both of these top laser tattoo removal devices.


Picosure lasers are a new brand of laser tattoo that has recently been turning heads in the market. Some reports came of results happening faster, with less treatments needed to completely remove a tattoo.

The Picosure uses a 755nm Alexandrite Laser, which is a near-infrared ultrasonic laser. The light pulses are only a trillionth of a second long, and creates very strong pressures that shatter the ink into tiny particles. These particles are absorbed by the skin and the tattoo fades away.

This type of laser treatment is far different from the Q-Switched standard laser that Revlite has built its reputation on. Some medical professions in the field of laser tattoo removal have said that while the claims to shorter treatment durations and treatments required goes down marginally, the effectiveness to remove a broad spectrum of colors is lowered, especially with red ink.

In recent news from the Picosure company, they have decided to change the wavelength of the device to 1064, possibly to help assist with erasing a larger spectrum of colors to compete with Revlite.


Revlite laser systems have been an industry standard for many years now, for good reasons. The Revlite SI device has a large spectrum of laser wavelengths and is extremely effective at targeting any colors in a tattoo.

Delivering 1064nm and 532nm, with MultiLite Dye Handpieces extending wavelengths to include 585nm and 650nm, the Revlite is far more effective at removing any tattoo, regardless of the colors used. The Revlite also uses a patented PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse, or PTP, which delivers very narrow pulse widths at peak power, for efficient removal of unwanted ink.

The Revlite uses the industry standard Q-Switched laser method, which has been used and trusted for over a decade. And by adding the PhotoAcoutstic Technology Pulse, Precision Beam Technology, and variable handpieces, Revlite has established a complete system for total tattoo removal, regardless of the patient or tattoo.


At New Canvas, we don???t want to be part of the fad or latest thing. We did our research into both Picosure and Revlite laser systems and made an educated decision based on the results we want for our customers. It was clear in the end that Picosure, while new and developing, simply did not offer the results that we needed for comprehensive laser tattoo removal. Staying the Revlite, we are confident that our customers will enjoy the efficiency and effectiveness of better technology. To find out more about our study on Picosure and Revlite, see our comparison here.

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