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Where Does it Hurt Least to Get a Tattoo?

One of the first questions many people ask when they go for a tattoo is, “how much will this hurt?” The reasons for this are obvious. Vibrating needles going subdermally into a part of your body are a cause for worry, and the amount of pain can vary substantially. However, with the advent of Calgary laser tattoo removal, more people than ever feel comfortable undergoing this process.

As a result, understanding where to tattoo yourself for the least amount of pain is an important step. Below, we will look at some of the common areas where people choose to tattoo themselves, based on their level of pain tolerance. As well, we will look at areas of the body to avoid if you are planning to get a tattoo.

The Least Painful Areas to Tattoo

Upper Arms

The area that will likely cause you the least discomfort is the upper arm. This area of the body is relatively soft and typically has a lot of soft tissue. These traits make it a great place for tattoos, and there is an added benefit of this placement. It is super easy to show off!



Thighs are another place where tattoos are relatively painless. Additionally, the flank of humans is a great canvas with a lot of space for detail and big designs. However, unlike your biceps, you will probably not be able to show off your new ink. Although women certainly have the advantage of dresses, skirts, and the like. 

Laser tattoo removal of a large tattoo on a patient's arm, using picosecond laser technology, in a beauty and medical laser clinic. Technician is holding the hand piece.

Honourable Mentions

These two areas of the body have the same trait in common, which is that the flesh is relatively soft and malleable. Therefore, the tattoo does not penetrate to uncomfortable areas, like bone. Other areas that have these features include the belly, sides of the torso, and calves. The final area does warrant caution, though, as there is a shin bone to consider.

The Most Painful Areas to Tattoo


The hands are one of the most painful areas of the body. The hand has 27 different bones, which means there are many areas where you will feel the needle. Plus, we use our hands very often. This may not change the initial level of discomfort, but you can expect two consequences as a result. First, the tattoo will likely fade prematurely, and second, the healing process will be more uncomfortable and drawn out.


The feet are also quite unpleasant for tattooing purposes. Like the hand, feet have a surprising 26 bones, which means they are almost equal minefields. As a result, you can expect many of the same problems that afflict the hand, but with one added misfortune. This misfortune is the fact that you will also have a more difficult time showing off your art. Plus, the humid, dank nature of feet make them ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, so be extra careful during the healing process.

Honourable Mentions

Indeed, the similarities for what makes a good tattoo area almost perfectly mirror what constitutes a bad tattoo area. The worst areas are bones, joints, and the mobile regions, but there is one added caution. For this concept, you must think about your skin as a holistic covering. You can observe the areas where the skin has become more durable through, essentially, repeated friction. The areas you want to avoid tattooing include the areas that have not received that friction. They might include the inside of the thighs, armpits and the area near your ribs.

However, you should also remember that tattoos are a perpetual work in progress. If your feelings toward the practice change, or you want to try the process on a new area, there is always Calgary laser tattoo removal at your side. 


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