How to Find a Tattoo You Won’t Want to Get Removed

Tattoos last a lifetime, which is why you have to think twice about the kind of tattoo you will get. It costs anywhere from $200 to $500 to remove a tattoo per session. Here are some things you can do to find a good tattoo artist and avoid tattoo removal.


Before you ever step foot into a tattoo parlor and ask an artist for a tattoo, you should do your research first. A good tattoo requires preparation. Look at the portfolio of the tattoo artist online and look at the photos to ensure readable and recognizable art. You have to take the time and be patient in finding the right artist for the tattoo. Otherwise, you may have to get a Calgary tattoo removal in the future.

Never Price Shop

Would you look for the cheapest babysitter or doctor on Craigslist? The same goes with tattoos, which you will have for life. You might find some guy willing to do it for $50, but you have to consider what kind of quality you will walk away with. In general, you shouldn’t expect to pay less than $100 before the tip.

Say No to Peer Pressure

To avoid laser tattoo removal later, you should never let anyone pressure you into a tattoo on the spot. It’s a serious decision, and you don’t want to pay for laser tattoo removal later. The tattoos that don’t require tattoo removal later are the ones where people put some real thought into them.

You should pick a tattoo that will have personal meaning to you if you don’t want Calgary tattoo removal several months down the road. Go in and take your time speaking with the tattoo artist. He or she should be willing to answer questions without going off the rails. Tattoo removal not only costs money, the process can be about as uncomfortable as having the tattoo applied to the body.

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