How To Cover Your Skin After A Laser Tattoo Removal

People desire tattoo removal for many reasons. In some cases, they want to fade an existing tattoo to replace it with a new one. While this may sound strange, it often makes sense. If the tattoo location is good, but the design is no longer appropriate for whatever reason, you may want a cover-up. Covering an unwanted tattoo without fading it first greatly limits the possibilities for the new design.

While it’s possible to get a new tattoo after tattoo removal, it’s not as straightforward as getting the first tattoo was. Proper aftercare is crucial for covering a tattoo after laser tattoo removal.

Follow Tattoo Removal Aftercare Instructions

Your tattoo removal specialist will give you specific aftercare instructions; always follow their advice for the best results. In general, applying ice to the area helps reduce discomfort and swelling in the first day following treatment. You’ll also want to avoid strenuous activity during this time. If blisters or scabs form, avoid popping or picking them. They are part of the body’s healing process and should be left alone to minimize scarring.


Evaluate Your Skin After Calgary Tattoo Removal

Once your tattoo removal in Calgary is complete, give your skin time to heal completely before covering it with fresh ink. Your tattoo removal specialist can evaluate your skin for proper healing.

Find a Skilled Artist After Tattoo Removal

Even with great results from laser tattoo removal, covering the skin again can be challenging. Even a slight amount of scarring creates an uneven surface and affects the way the ink spreads. This is why it’s important to find a highly skilled tattooist.

Covering the skin after tattoo removal in Calgary poses some challenges, but with proper removal treatments and aftercare, fully healed skin, and the right tattoo artist, you can achieve great results.

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