How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

How does a tattoo removal Calgary company get rid of the ink? The process employs multiple disciplines from physics to biology to thermodynamics to optics to chemistry. The professional will direct the laser at the tattoo, and this breaks up the ink granules on the body. Before using the laser, the technician might numb the skin to make the process of the tattoo removal less painful. The most common technique is known as Zimmer Cryo 6, and the machine chills the skin before the removal.

Natural Tattoo Removal

Tattoos will use a variety of heavy metal compounds like manganese, lead and copper. For red ink, they might even use mercury, iron oxide or cadmium. Your safest red ink compound is naphthol because of the lower toxicity to the body. Inevitably, the body sees these metal compounds as a foreign object, and it initiates a natural process of tattoo removal on its own through white blood cells that break up the ink granules.

Speeding up the Tattoo Removal Process

Laser tattoo removal speeds the process along so that the white blood cells can eliminate the ink granules and bring it to the liver for consumption. The light pulses from the laser shatter the ink granules and create a faster process of removal. The laser heats one side of the tattoo while leaving the other side. Eventually, the white blood cells eliminate the ink through a natural bodily process, but your laser tattoo removal Calgary company accelerates the process.

If you want a tattoo removed and you go with laser tattoo removal, you should show up to the removal location with realistic expectations. You may have to come back for multiple sessions to return the skin to its original form. The typical time falling between each tattoo removal Calgary session takes between six weeks to eight weeks.

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