How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

Tattoo removal is a revolutionary process. Of course, you may feel that we have a bias, but if you take a moment to consider how much the tattoo industry has changed, you can link it back to one essential factor. 


That’s right; it’s tattoo removal. For most of human history, tattoos were permanent marks on your body, and they carried significant weight in their meaning. From old sailors and pirates adorning themselves with birds of luck or fortune to aboriginal tribes marking themselves with symbols of integrity and courage, tattoos have historically been a way to differentiate yourself or your actions.


However, with the advent of tattoo removal, this concept is no longer valid. Of course, many people still consider tattoos permanent marks, but now many people see them as aesthetic additions to their bodies as well. With that change of perception, the meaning of tattoos is no longer as relevant, and people can choose to change or augment their tattoos on a whim. 


Overall, this change has had a positive impact on the industry and society as a whole. With options and opportunities, people have an outlet for a new kind of creativity, although the process of tattoo removal is also fascinating and bears its own discussion.


The Process of Tattoo Removal

The process of tattoo removal uses a laser system. The laser targets different colours depending on its attunement to the spectrum of light. When you go for your initial consultation, you will probably hear the technician mention the difficulty involved with removing your tattoo. 


Light absorption changes depending on the tint, which means different colours will take different amounts of time for removal. Black, the tone that absorbs all other colour wavelengths, will usually take the least time for removal. Conversely, since white reflects all other colour wavelengths, it will typically take the longest. 


At this point, with all the talk of lasers, it is essential to note that the lasers will only penetrate so deep into the skin. Using proprietary methods, the light only penetrates the dermis to the layer holding the ink and removes it from there. This process means that while you may experience some discomfort after the treatment, there will be no lasting effects. Further, there is minimal risk with this type of treatment. And, the in-depth interview that occurs before your first session will reduce it even further.

Where to Find Tattoo Removal Services

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