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The Growing Popularity of Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal has been gaining popularity since it was procedure was perfected in 2006. While the effectiveness of the lasers has been increasing, and become more standardized, the amount of people choosing to get laser tattoo removal keeps increasing.

Few laser procedures are as enticing as laser tattoo removal. As a generation of teens begin to reach adulthood, there???s been a wave of ???tattoo regret???. As lasers are the only approved and certified method for removing tattoos, more and more people are turning to erase their past tattoos.

Stats from Statistic Brain say that 40% of American adults aged 26-40 have at least one tattoo, and 36% of adults aged 18-25 have a tattoo. There???s much less of a stigma around tattoos than there was before, and the popularity of getting ink has grown, especially with younger generations.

However, as these generations of tattooed individual???s age, the demand for laser tattoo removal will continue to grow.

While both genders are known for getting tattoos, additional statistics have found that females predominantly get laser tattoo removal more than men, at about 70% to 30% ratio. While most tattoo removal procedures involve simply removing black ink, many others can be colored. But thanks to recent innovations with Q-Switched laser technology, brighter colors are easier to remove than ever before.

The reason why someone may want a tattoo removed is varied and depends on their lifestyles. Sometimes, a tattoo can positioned somewhere that is hard to cover up, or could represent something they once believed in. Other reasons could include:

  • Ex???s name
  • Limited clothing options
  • Don???t want their children to see it
  • Tattoo limits career opportunities
  • Tattoo quality is low

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