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What Does It Feel Like To Get A Tattoo?

Let’s get straight to the point: getting a tattoo hurt.

But what does it feel like? What happens after you get the tattoo? 

Before we get to that, let’s look at the process of getting tattooed.

What is the process of getting a tattoo? 

Generally, the procedure of a getting a tattoo is as follows:

  • The tattoo artist will clean the area with rubbing alcohol and shave off any hair
  • The next step the tattoo artist will transfer a stencil of your tattoo onto your skin so that its placed properly onto your body
  • Now, the real work begins. They will start to tattoo the line work of the tattoo, all the shapes and edges, so the full image comes in
  • Depending on your tattoo choice, once line work is complete, the artist will shade or color your tattoo 
  • Upon completion, the artist will put a layer of ointment over the tattoo and apply a bandage over it as it heals 

So, what does tattoo pain feel like?

Throughout the process, you should expect pain that comes with getting your tattoo. In most cases, you should experience a stinging and prickling sensation. However, the pain will be intense at the start, before your body gets used to it.

Shock wave therapy on human heel

Remember that where you place the tattoo on your body will always impact your pain levels. For example, areas that are close to bone, like the ankles, wrists or ribs, will hurt more than fleshier areas.

You also have to consider that your skin might be more sensitive than others. People with sensitive skin may feel that tattoos hurt more.

How does it feel after the procedure? 

Your tattoo will likely hurt for a few days after the procedure, similar to a sunburn. It will be extremely itchy, which is a sign of healing. 

Removing Your Tattoos With Calgary Laser Tattoo Removal

As excited as you are when it comes to getting a tattoo, you always have the opportunity to get it removed with laser tattoo removal. While this process might be painful, over numerous sessions, you will get your tattoo safely removed. 


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