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Eight Reasons to Get That Tattoo Removed

In the heat of the moment, it sounded like a good idea and looked even better. Now, after a couple years and some different choices, that tattoo that looked so good is now just an eye sore. You’re considering getting it removed, but are unable to fully justify it. Well, here’s our 12 good reasons to get rid of that tattoo, once and for all!

1. Famous People

Famous people will come and go, but a tattoo is forever. Unless your the ultimate fan, keeping that Pitbull tattoo might look a little silly later on in life when no one has heard of him!

2. Significant Others

Even if you’re married, never get a tattoo of a loved one. We aren’t talking about Mom and Dad, we’re talking about your highschool girlfriend or maybe that guy you saw after college. If the relationship goes south, you’ll want nothing more than to see that tattoo gone!

3. You Got It to Bug Your Parents

Maybe they made you mad, or maybe you wanted to rebel. Those tattoos you got when you were 16 most likely won’t carry much weight later on and should be removed.

4. You’ve Decided You Don’t Like It

You decided to get a tattoo during a big fad, trend, or while on vacation, and later on looked at it and said “Why did I do that?”. Your opinion on things you like has most likely changed in the last couple years since you got it, and it’s possible to want something from your past gone.

5. Misspelled

This reason, while unfortunate, does contribute to many tattoos being removed. Getting long or complicated words tattooed can sometimes result in a missed letter or different pronunciation, which is both embarrassing and annoying. If the word is spelled wrong, get it off and try something different perhaps?

6. It’s a Different Language

While it can be fun and different to get your get your name tattooed in Chinese or Spanish, you might not be getting exactly what you paid for. Many times, without a reliable source, the translation could mean something totally different, or could mean nothing at all. Then, when someone who can speak the language spots the tattoo, you’ll have to explain why the word “soup” is on your shoulder.

7. Your Band Broke Up

When you were together, it felt like you would conquer the world and become famous. You decided to get the band name, your members names, or the logo tattooed all over your body. Now, it just seems unnecessary. Time to remove that ink!

8. You Just Want To

There’s a million individual reasons to want a tattoo removed, whether it’s caused embarrassment, lowered your body image, looking for work, or have experienced some stigma. People change over time and realize they like different things than before. We live in an age when tattoos are no longer permanent, and people can make the choice to remove unsightly tattoos. If you feel like you need a tattoo removed, contact New Canvas today for a free consultation, and give your body a fresh new look!

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