Covering Your Tattoo During the Holidays

What says, “Happy Holidays!” to you more than getting rid of that old tattoo that has your ex-boyfriend’s name on your arm? You’d probably be ecstatic to get rid of it, especially before the holiday season. But if you can’t remove it, here are some ways to cover up unwanted tattoos during the holidays.

What To Wear To Cover Your Tattoo Before Your Tattoo Removal

  • For Your Arm

Getting rid of a tattoo can take multiple visits to the laser tattoo removal Calgary parlor in six-week intervals. Having a long sleeve shirt can have more immediate effects with covering up the tattoo. No one will know that you have it this way.


  • For Your Neck

With tattoo removal, perhaps you want to wait until the end of the holiday season to begin the session. If you have a tattoo on your neck, you might don a fashionable scarf, and no one will be the wiser. In a place like Calgary, it fits in well with the cold, but what happens if you go to your parents’ house for a holiday supper? For those situations, you might buy a soft and silky scarf that has pure fashion intentions.


  • For Other Tattoos

What happens if you have a tattoo in an obvious place? If you haven’t started laser tattoo removal, you might apply makeup that covers over the tattoo. Use an orange heavily pigmented concealer brush and layer every inch of it with makeup. Problem solved!

Covering over a tattoo for the holidays becomes a great temporary solution while you visit the tattoo removal parlor to take care of it more permanently. However, this can take time, so you might use one of these temporary solutions to cover it up over the short term.

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