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Cost For Tattoo Removal In Calgary

Tattoos can be beautiful and artistic forms of expression. Tattoos can represent important events, people and places. However, the importance of these things can change over time. If your attachment to your tattoo should diminish over the years, you may start to think about getting it removed. Tattoo removal in Calgary is not a small undertaking. It takes a lot of time and effort to successfully remove a tattoo. It can also cost a significant amount of money. Before starting the process, here is what to expect in terms of cost.

The Cost Will Relate To The Size Of The Tattoo

Obviously, you can expect to pay more for tattoo removal in Calgary depending on the size. Larger tattoos cover more surface area of your skin. This means that more treatment will be needed to cover that full surface area. The longer you need to spend getting treatment, the more the treatment will cost overall. Therefore, a large back tattoo will be a very expensive removal. However, a small tattoo on your ankle will be much cheaper to remove.

The Type Of Ink Used In The Tattoo Will Impact Cost

The colour of your tattoo can also determine how much you owe for your treatment. Tattoo removal is typically done with lasers. The lasers are designed to target certain pigments in your skin. In many cases, darker colours are actually easier for the laser to target. Light colours like pale blue, teal or yellow tend to be harder for the laser to pinpoint. You may need to use different kinds of laser treatments in order to get certain colours to fade from your tattoo. Moreover, there are different ink types. For example, if your tattoo ink includes beryllium, then the process may be very expensive.

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Your Tattoo Removal Price Will Be Affected By The Age Of Your Tattoo

Most of the time, tattoos will begin to fade with age. This means that older tattoos are actually easier to remove. Most of the time, it takes fewer sessions to successfully remove these older tattoos. Accordingly, they are often cheaper to remove. Newer tattoos have not typically faded naturally, which means the ink colours are still vibrant. It will take more work to get these tattoos to fade. You can expect to pay more for the process. Therefore, think about the age of your tattoo before scheduling your appointment.

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