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The Most Common Regrets About Tattoos

Tattoos are a permanent addition to the makeup of your body. They are designed on a particular level of detail, and if you can picture it, there is likely a tattoo artist who can make it into a reality. Plus, the explosion in popularity has made all shapes and sizes of tattoo possible, and for the most part, socially acceptable.

However, if tattoos were universally tremendous and beautiful, there would be no reason to have tattoo removal specialists. It isn’t the case though, as tattoo removal appears to grow in popularity along with tattoos themselves. There are many reasons why you may wish to remove your tattoo, but the most common reason is regret.


Reasons People Regret Their Tattoos


Incorrect Design

Incorrectly designing a tattoo can cause a lot of problems for you, including tattoos that have misspelled text, as well as poorly executed line work. If you are seeking a very intricate and detailed tattoo, there is a significant chance that mistakes will happen, or, as the tattoo ages, it will start to blend together, and the linework will not look as precise.


Change in Taste

Another common reason you might seek out tattoo removal is because of a change in taste. For instance, if you grew up with love for Peanuts comics and you get a tattoo of Charlie Brown, it might serve you well for many years. However, that taste can change, and now it is time for you to renew or change the design with a fresh canvas.

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A reminder of the Past

This particular regret is similar to change in taste, but it has some significant differences. Everyone can identify areas in their youth where they made mistakes or were misguided, and in some cases, tattoos can be a hurtful or unpleasant reminder of those mistakes. Removing tattoos in this circumstance is more about the healing process than a change in perspective, and can be a therapeutic and cathartic event.


Prominent Placement

Finally, one of the most common reasons you might seek out tattoo removal is simply the placement of the tattoo. Expletives across the knuckles might look super cool, but potential employers will likely shy away from employing someone with such a prominent tattoo. Similarly, neck and facial tattoos that cannot be easily covered up may receive the same judgement.


Tattoo Removal Lessens the Regret

Luckily, as touched on before, tattoo removal has grown as an industry alongside tattooing itself, meaning there are lots of options for you if you are regretting your tattoo, including removing it entirely. However, you can also consider covering it with some fresh ink by working in conjunction with your tattoo artist.

Both of these options produce excellent results, and it will be up to you to decide which path you want to take. Some people get tired of having tattoos and want to see them gone, but for others, it is a full-time investment that can only be modified and changed as a way to express their personality and lifestyle.


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