Tattoo Removal

Cost For Tattoo Removal In Calgary

Tattoos can be beautiful and artistic forms of expression. Tattoos can represent important events, people and places. However, the importance of these things can change over time. If your attachment to your tattoo should diminish over the years, you may start to think about getting it removed. Tattoo removal in Calgary is not a small […]

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How To Cover Your Skin After A Laser Tattoo Removal

People desire tattoo removal for many reasons. In some cases, they want to fade an existing tattoo to replace it with a new one. While this may sound strange, it often makes sense. If the tattoo location is good, but the design is no longer appropriate for whatever reason, you may want a cover-up. Covering […]

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5 Tattoo Removal Tips

Getting rid of an unwanted tattoo doesn’t have to be a difficult, lengthy process. Although there’s no quick and easy way to remove a tattoo, there are ways to help make the treatments as effective as possible. Check out these tips for laser tattoo removal in Calgary.   Take Your Time with Laser Removal Most […]

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Calgary Laser Tattoo Removal: How Long Until You See Results?

Suffering from tattoo regret? Wondering about the possibility of laser removal? Curious how long it will take? Getting rid of an unwanted tattoo is becoming increasingly feasible as technology improves. If you???re considering Calgary laser tattoo removal, here???s a quick look at when you can expect to see results. Don???t Expect Results After the First […]

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Becoming A Laser Removal Specialist

According to studies, one in five people have a tattoo. According to a different source, over 50% of those people will want it removed at some point. As the technology advances, and tattoos become less permanent options, the growing business of tattoo removal is looking for passionate and motivated individuals to carry the industry. But […]

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Calgary Laser Tattoo Removal Blog

Recently we released our brand new website showcasing our Calgary clinic, which is located at the Glenmore Landing Medical Building- D-274 Glenmore Landing, 1600 – 90th ave SW. Today we are pleased to release our blog, which connects our clients closer to our work and what contributes to our continued success with laser tattoo removal […]

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