Cleaning the skin in a tattoo process

What Is Best After Laser Tattoo Removal Care?

Thinking about getting your tattoo removed? Laser has proven to be very effective in removing tattoos with multiple sessions. But you also need to do your part and take care of the treated area. Here is a list of things you need to do after the treatment for optimal recovery.


1.  Clean the Treated Area Regularly

The most important thing you need to do is to clean the treated area with soap and lukewarm water. You should probably clean it at least once a day for five to seven days.


2.  Keep the Treated Area Bandaged and Medicated

Your clinician will usually provide you with an antibiotic ointment you can use to apply to the area. You want to apply the ointment and bandage it up. The ointment should be reapplied and the bandage should be changed at least twice a day for three to four days after the tattoo removal treatment.


3.  Avoid Baths

You do not want to soak the treated area in water for a long period of time, meaning that you will need to avoid baths. You can take a shower, but you want to avoid putting the showerhead on the treated area as it can cause pain and add pressure.


4.  Avoid Sun Exposure

One of the big mistakes people make after tattoo removal is exposing the treated area to the sun. You want to avoid sun exposure for 90 days. If you are going to the beach or wearing a t-shirt on a sunny day, make sure you use sunblock with at least SPF 25 on the treated area.


5.  Do Not Scratch or Pick at the Area

You may be tempted to scratch the area if it’s itchy or pick at it if scabs are forming. You want to avoid this at all costs. This can open the wound and lead to an infection. Instead, use ointments and ice to help with the itching.


These are the after-care practices you want to follow for optimal healing. If you start to experience any weird side effects, make sure you call your clinician to properly diagnose what the problem is.


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