Becoming A Laser Removal Specialist

According to studies, one in five people have a tattoo. According to a different source, over 50% of those people will want it removed at some point. As the technology advances, and tattoos become less permanent options, the growing business of tattoo removal is looking for passionate and motivated individuals to carry the industry. But how does one become a tattoo removal specialist? It starts with training.


Training programs in Canada and the United States to become a Certified Laser Specialist are crucial to becoming a tattoo removal technician. In many places, certification is expected in order to work in the industry. Training in laser tattoo removal will provide the skills and hands-on experience needed to join the workforce.


Before beginning a career in laser tattoo removal, it is important to understand how effective treatments are. Different lasers treat different colors; the color of the ink changes the outcome of the procedure. Black and grey are the easiest colors to remove, and have the best results. Other colors, like white, green or blue, are much more difficult to remove and take several procedures to fully erase. The shape, size, body placement and other factors will determine the outcome.


In your training, you will come to learn about the various types of tattoo removal lasers. Without getting too technical, green lasers are used to remove lighter colors, such as red, orange and pink. The red laser is used to remove cool colors, like light blue and green. Finally, the infrared laser is most often used to remove black, blue and brown.

Finding a School

There are many different ways to become a laser technician. First, dermatologists who have completed med school are certified in laser removal. But if you aren’t the doctor type, there are direct avenues to become a tattoo removal specialist. In town, there are many options for becoming certified:

The laser technicians at New Canvas are fully certified and professional. We know how to remove tattoos as painlessly and effectively as possible. Our team has been doing laser tattoo removal for years, and have the technical experience ??and industry knowledge for a pleasant and enjoyable experience. For more information, visit our team page today!

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