How to Get a Tattoo You Won’t Regret

A Tattoo without Regret

So you???re thinking about getting that tattoo.?? Maybe you???ve been thinking about it for a while, or maybe it???s a spur of the moment thing.?? Whatever you decide to do, it???s important to do your research when choosing where you???ll get your tattoo done, and who will be doing it.?? At New Canvas, we see a lot of tattoo regret.?? It???s our job to clean up mistakes.

Do your Research

There are a lot of reasons that people have their tattoos removed.?? Sometimes people regret the reasons behind getting a tattoo, or it didn???t turn out how they thought it would.?? Sometimes they got a tattoo in their youth that just doesn???t mesh with who they are as an adult.?? But sometimes our clients regret their tattoo because they didn???t take the proper steps to research the shop and artist that they got their tattoo from.

It???s very important to do some simple research before getting your tattoo.?? Maybe you have a budget in mind for your tattoo.?? You should go to a reputable shop and get one of their artists to help you plan your tattoo with a cost estimate.?? If they are going to charge more than you have budgeted, go home and start saving.?? Don???t shop around and get a budget tattoo.?? You get what you pay for!?? Unless you???re planning to come in to see us for a removal, your new tattoo is likely to be a permanent addition to your body, so you want it to look good right??? Consider it an investment in your future.

Find the Right Artist and Shop

Find a great artist! Find someone whose work you really like and see if they can help you with your design.?? The more research you do here, the better.?? If you talk to people who have tattoos you like and ask where they were done, you???ll get some good ideas about where you can go yourself.


Once your tattoo is completed, make sure you follow the aftercare steps given to you by the shop or artist.?? You don???t want to get through everything, only to neglect the aftercare and have your tattoo look sub-par because of it.

Hopefully you found these tattoo tips helpful.?? Whether you???re getting your first tattoo or adding to your collection, make sure you don???t regret your next tattoo!

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