Average Cost of Tattoo Removal

The average cost of tattoo removal is based on a number of factors. As you might expect, the most relevant factor for your consideration is the size of your tattoo. Commonly, the pricing for tattoo removal changes on a square-inch price, which usually sits around $80-$100. 


However, the size of your tattoo removal is not the only factor that determines the cost. There are other factors as well, such as:


Tattoo Removal Cost Considerations

Type of Skin

There are some types of skin that really absorb ink, and this makes them resilient to tattoo removal. Additionally, if you have very fair, sensitive skin, enduring tattoo removal can be difficult. An excellent way to tell how the process will feel is to compare the intensity of getting the tattoo the first time, as compared to other tattoos you do not wish to remove. 


Colour of Tattoo

Did you know that tattoo removal lasers are monochromatic? This fact means that they have a different wavelength for each colour, and also that different colours will be harder to remove than others. Overall, white is the hardest colour to remove because it reflects every type of wavelength. Conversely, black is the easiest colour to remove because it absorbs every kind of colour wavelength. 


Age of Tattoo

Another factor that you should consider during your tattoo removal is the age of the tattoo. Newer tattoos can actually be dangerous to remove, but older ones are ideal as the body has already begun the work of breaking them down. The process will typically be shorter for older tattoos as well because they require fewer sessions to remove completely. 


Where to Find Tattoo Removal Services

Finding the right tattoo removal company should be an important part of your decision. Make sure that they practice safe procedures and have the right staff to make the process convenient and straightforward. In terms of cost, you are likely to get a better deal if you choose a company that offers discounts on multiple sessions, as no tattoo removal will occur in a single course, typically. 


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