5 Tattoo Removal Tips

Getting rid of an unwanted tattoo doesn’t have to be a difficult, lengthy process. Although there’s no quick and easy way to remove a tattoo, there are ways to help make the treatments as effective as possible. Check out these tips for laser tattoo removal in Calgary.


Take Your Time with Laser Removal

Most tattoo removals take time, so don’t rush laser treatments. Giving your skin time to heal between sessions can help reduce the risk of scarring and often results in fewer treatments overall. Having an understanding of how the tattoo removing process works will calm any fears you have, so ask around!

Wear Sunscreen during Calgary Tattoo Removals

Protecting your skin from the sun is always important, but particularly during a tattoo removal. The greater the contrast between your skin and the ink of the tattoo, the better the laser can target the tattoo. So stay as pale as possible during laser treatments by limiting sun exposure and wearing sunscreen.


Sweat Out the Removal Process

Most of the removal process takes place outside the tattoo removal clinic. This is because laser treatments don’t actually get rid of tattoos, they break up the ink so your body can remove it. Increasing circulation through exercise helps flush out the destroyed ink more quickly.


Stop Smoking before a Calgary Laser Removal

Smoking, on the other hand, constricts blood vessels and makes it more difficult for ink particles to move through your body and get eliminated. Quitting smoking can help laser removal treatments work properly.


Follow Instructions during the Removal Process

Just like when you got the tattoo, you’ll be given a list of aftercare instructions following laser tattoo removal in Calgary. These instructions are designed to promote healing, prevent damage, and keep your skin healthy throughout the process, so follow them carefully. You should also search around for a good tattoo removal price, so you know you’re getting quality.


No matter your reason for getting rid of a tattoo, you can help the removal process by following these tips.


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