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5 Factors that Determine the Success of Your Tattoo Removal

Many people have tattoos, but some of them wish they didn’t. If you suffer from tattoo regret, take heart. Tattoos are no longer as permanent as they once were, and removing them is an option. Some tattoos are easier to remove than others, though.


Here are five factors that influence the success of tattoo removal in Calgary.


1) The Colour of the Tattoo

Dark colour inks like black, green, and blue are easier to remove than light colour ones like red, orange, yellow, and white. The number of colours in the tattoo is also a factor. Large tattoos with many colours are more difficult to remove because the laser has to break down different pigments. Certain types of lasers are better than others at dealing with difficult colours.


2) The Age and Size of the Tattoo 

Newer tattoos with fresh ink are generally more difficult to remove than older ones that have already faded. Size makes a difference too. Not surprisingly, tattoo removal is easier for smaller tattoos than larger ones.

Tattoo removal Calgary

3) Skin Colour and Type for Removing Tattoos

Light skin tones don’t absorb the light from a laser as much and generally have greater contrast with the ink colours, so the laser energy focuses more specifically on tattoo ink. This makes it easier to remove tattoos from lighter skin.


4) Cut Back On The Smoking 

Smoking slows the body’s ability to heal. This makes it more difficult to fully remove tattoos.


5) Layered Tattoos Make It Difficult 

If you tried to cover an unwanted tattoo with a new tattoo or additional ink, it will be more difficult to remove. Working through layered tattoos often requires additional tattoo removal treatment sessions and can be quite challenging.


Living with an unwanted tattoo doesn’t have to be permanent. Look for professional tattoo removal in Calgary to start your laser treatments today.

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